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September 27, 2009, 2:26 pm
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NEXT EVENT: BEET Happening back on again in July at a new venue in E8!!!

N   E   W    S   U   M   M   E   R      M   E   N   U C   O   M   I   N   G     S   O   O   N  .

date    TBC
email for waiting list
location  E8  (shhh!)   we  will email you particulars closer to the time
suggested donation  £30 p/p  incl. 2 glasses wine

MENU (Past Winter)

Pinenut and parsley encrusted halloumi served with warm winter pear.

Venison medallions and balsamic blackberry jus served with beetroot and potato rosties and organic kale

Warm malva pudding (a sticky South African dessert) and vanilla ice-cream.

L  A   S   T       E   V  E  N  T  /  S

A    B    O   U   T         U   S

about us

 Justine grew up around food, film and art. 
 Her parents run a cooking school and film company.
 Now she is studying her masters in architecture 
 at the Bartlett.
 She loves designing furniture and other things, 
 for her and Greg's other venture BE+K.

 Greg grew up by the sea and with a guitar in his hands. 
 He has a band, who we think are very cool. 
 He spends his days redesigning his flats, 
 and making furniture in his workshop.
 He does most of the cooking.

C  O  N  C  E  P  T

hap·pen·ing // (hp-nng)
1. A happening is a performance, event or situation meant to be considered as art. 
Happenings take place anywhere, are often multi-disciplinary, often lack a narrative and frequently seek to involve the audience in some way. 
Key elements of happenings are planned, but artists sometimes retain room for improvisation.
2. An improvised, often spontaneous spectacle or performance, 
especially one involving audience participation.